The Kazakh scientific
research and design institute
of road and transport problems


Specialists of the Institute carry out the following laboratory and field tests:

•  Determination of physical and mechanical properties of crushed stone, gravel, sand, gravel and crushed stone, sand and gravel-sand mixtures.

•  Quality control of viscous and liquid bitumen, bitumen emulsions and mineral powder.

•  Selection of the composition and quality control of hot and cold asphalt and various types of surface, chemical and mineral supplements.

•  Selection of concrete and mortar with additives of various kinds.

•  The use of industrial waste industry in the road compacted concrete.

•  The use of industrial waste industry in the road compacted concrete.

•  Control of strength, uniformity of concrete in concrete and reinforced concrete structures by non-destructive and destruction-destructive test methods under field and laboratory conditions.

•  Incoming quality control of road construction materials.

•  Determination of physical properties of soil (moisture content, density, strength, deformaggivnost, prosadoch alia, the filtration coefficient, plasticity, particle size distribution and DR)

•  Geotechnical monitoring of soil at the base of roads, mines and reserves.

•  Testing of soil reinforcement and local low-strength masonry materials treated with man-made waste management industry.