The Kazakh scientific
research and design institute
of road and transport problems


Central Research Laboratory and field laboratory Kaz SR and DI “Dortrans” perform tests on all building and road materials to the definition of the physical and mechanical characteristics according to the requirements of standards RK, Standard and ECS International Standards, ASTM, AASHTO.

•  Competency Kaz SR and DI “Dortrans” in the declared area of ​​testing meets the requirements ST RK ISO / IEC 17025-2007 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories". The accreditation certificate state standard № KZ 7100000.06.09.00817.

•  Specialists laboratories perform quality control of construction materials on the procedures of the quality manual and operational control schemes approved quality management system IS09000-2001.

•  Inspectors field laboratories produce a quality inspection of road-building materials, leaving on construction sites for carrying out the tests and sampling followed by laboratory tests.

•  Laboratory staff in their work adheres strictly to the established procedures of the quality manual and laboratory quality management system, safety rules, safety and environmental protection.

•  Laboratory facilities of measuring, testing and quality control of road construction materials and soils allows working with high quality and reliability of the measurements.