The Kazakh scientific
research and design institute
of road and transport problems


• Design and research of public roads, paved runway airports, bridges and viaducts, and railways.

• Development of feasibility study (FS) to carry out the construction and reconstruction of the road transport sector.

• Perform research and development activities with the development of advanced resource-saving production processes and new types of road-building materials for the construction, reconstruction, repair of roads, bridges and airports.

• Independent diagnostics of road transport sector and the technological support and instrumental quality control of materials, structures and work in the construction, reconstruction and repair of road transport sector.

• Participate in the development and practical implementation of state, national, cross-industry comprehensive programs for current and future challenges for the transport of construction.

• Development of new and updated technical standards: TU, ST RK, CH, RK, RK R, PR RK on the results of research and development work.

• Development of import materials, patents, scientific and methodological support for their introduction into production.

• Development of experimental design documentation for the creation of pilot production plants, landfills and bases for developing advanced technological processes, the organization of production of new products.