The Kazakh scientific
research and design institute
of road and transport problems


According to the results of experimental and theoretical studies and extensive testing in the workplace, aimed at improving the efficiency of construction, reconstruction and repair of roads, bridges and buildings road transport sector have been developed and put into effect in Kazakhstan:

• 10 Th state standards for application: stone materials and soil, industrial waste industry, asphalt mixes and inorganic binders.

• Building codes for the design of rigid and non-rigid (participation) of pavement, as well as the construction of roads from the treated soil and stone materials with inorganic binders.

• 10 Th instructions on the use of new road-building materials for construction and repair of roads, including the reuse of scrap asphalt.

• 15-Th technical conditions for the black gravel, stone mastic asphalt, mastic asphalt, chemically bonded low-early-strength cement, concrete road on the basis of industrial waste industry.

• 10 Th Recommendations on primseneniyu composite binders, local low-strength masonry materials and industrial waste industry, asphalt mixtures with increased fracture.

• 250 scientific papers, 55 patents and innovation patents for inventions RK, 17, works in the field of improvement of road machines and equipment.

• Prepared by the 10 candidates of science and a doctor of technical sciences.